Kat Longa Yet Another Hooters Chick Who's Naked In Playboy


Kat needs a bath and it just happens we’re not busy today 

Back in January we brought you the news of Tabitha Gilley, a Hooters waitress, being naked in this month’s issue of Playboy. Now we’ve scoped out another of those Hooters’ chicks who’s showing off the T&A.

Meet Kat Longa. She worked at the Norfolk, Virginia Hooters but has made a career off being extremely hot and stacked. Her body has taken her from serving wings to slimy construction workers to being a “Barker Beauty.”

She’ll be meeting those former slimeballs to sign autographs this Friday at the Williamsburg Hooters, if you just happen to be in the neighborhood.

That is American capitalism, fellas. Where else in the world can tits be so important? We love this country and feel honored our ancestors chose this great land.

Now, we just need to get to Norfolk for the Kat Longa meet and greet.



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