Today’s Spankings : Heather Graham, April Scott, Heidi Mueller and Yael Bar-Zohar

Brooklyn Bar To Open Minutes Before Super Bowl KickoffBrooklyn Bar To Open Minutes Before Super Bowl Kickoff
Piece Of Mottram Empire Mentions Busted CoveragePiece Of Mottram Empire Mentions Busted Coverage



April Scott has a bikini malfunction 

Welcome to our daily roundup of hot ladies celebrating their big days. Yesterday was a bust but we seem to have righted the ship with today’s crop of fine women highlighted by an aging Heather Graham. But the sleeper of the group is April Scott who you may have seen on Deal or No Deal.

Today’s Spankings:

1970Heather Graham, American actress

1979April Scott, American actress and model

1980Yael Bar-Zohar, Israeli actress and model

1982Heidi Mueller, American actress

1985Athina Onassis, French heiress

April Scott 


Heather Graham


Heidi Mueller 


Yael Bar-Zohar 


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