Brett Favre Grabs His Package Before Swinging Driver

Pennsylvania Murder Suspect's Not So Thug AttirePennsylvania Murder Suspect's Not So Thug Attire
Patriots Fan Shows Off Stripper SkillsPatriots Fan Shows Off Stripper Skills


I got an urgent call tonight from Busted Coverage Photo Editor Big Gay Rich.

“Dude, I found an awesome shot of Brett Favre at the 1998 Cadillac NFL Pro-Am.”

“And he’s totally grabbing his package,” Rich said amid bouts of giggles.

Well, Rich was right. Here’s the pic that should send female cheeseheads into a rage. Other classics found amid the same Flickr photo dump was a shot of  the long forgotten Giants QB Dave Brown.

And how about Jerry Rice sporting the shorts with white socks. Now that is smooth.


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