Daily Dump: Super Bowl Hookers, Bucs DUI, Bear Bryant Still Gone, Miss America and Southern Chick Uses Potato Gun

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Merxe welcomes you to final week of NFL season 

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Daily Dump:

One of the lucky ones, guy who’s never missed Super Bowl [SF Gate]

Circuit girls (read: hookers) who work the Super Bowl [Sporting News/AP]

More Super Bowl hooker news, watch them “descend on Arizona like locusts on African crops[Deuce of Davenport]

Enough Super Bowl celebrity news to make your head explode [Boston Herald]

Former Buccaneers wide receiver Charles Gessner has 3 beers, drives wrong way [TBO.com]

The Patriots Defense Song has been remade with new band members [YouTube]

How do Bengals rate in Cincinnati? Bad. [The Meaningful Collateral]

25 years and Bear Bryant still gone [Losers With Socks]

Tracking the latest news in world of ‘roids [Epic Carnival]

Daily Dump: 

Here is your new Miss America [AP]

Chicks and captions [Hottest Flickr Girls]

Britney Spears uses pay phone, more proof of redneck status [Drunken Stepfather]

Southern chick who knows how to use a potato gun [CO-ED]

Booze > Exercise [Tasty Booze]

70 cheerleader pics to get your week started correctly [Bright Black Internet]