Georgia Gymnastics Fan Shows Ladies Entire Package


LSU visited UGA recently for a gymnastics showdown, but it was what appears to be an isolated case of fraternity hazing that stole the show. As the photos show, dude painted himself pink and showed ladies the entire package.

“Alright you freshman scum, get your ass to that gymnastics meet, NOW!” 

Busted Coverage Photo Editor Big Gay Rich called me and said he about fainted when these photos came across his Flickr RSS.




    1. Amy says:

      Hey! I was sitting with the woman who took that picture!
      Georgia vs. LSU

    2. agwlsvp says:

      it may very well have been a frat thing, but the gymdawgs meet was supposed to be a “pink out” and proceeds from the match were going to support research to fight breast cancer.

    3. tylls chafman says:

      this article is absolute shit. I live on the hall with all three photographed guys and none of them are in fraternities. They dress up and paint themselves for every UGA basketball game and decided to continue the tradition with the gym dogs. this website is hogwash. i am questioning why it even exists… this shit’s weak

    4. Dean Skellsey says:

      Fraternitiy hazing? More like lick my sctote. Dizzy reps the Mu Phi Ki til’ he dies. I don’t know who the fuck this tylls bitch is, but I don’t trust him any farther than I could throw him. I’m not entirely sure who the big black guy is though. He must play basketball. He is obviously concealing his identity for unspecified reasons.

    5. J Koot says:


      Thanks for taking the time to write. And it’s true, this site IS hogwash.

    6. CrokoShit says:

      i know these guys too and none of them are in frats. all theyre doing is supporting the gym dawgs, just like they do for the basketball team…because of them the pink out got way more press than it would have had they not been there half naked, covered in paint…they really should be thanking them for the free publicity.
      and as for the ‘big black guy’, he wishes he even knew how to dribble…

    7. T Balla says:

      They’re just supporting the team. I would have joined them if I could have, and would have painted more of my body. So leave them alone.

    8. Amy says:

      These guys did this for the “pink-out” for breast cancer awareness! This was a great cause and raised lots of $ for breast cancer research! Go Dawgs and the pink boys!

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