Kristi Capel is "America's Hottest Weather Anchor"


Kristi Capel predicts stiff winds and inches of snow

Jen Carfagno officially has competition.

That’s right. We’re announcing the search for America’s Hottest Weather Anchor is over before it started. The winner is Kristi Capel (Miss Missouri 2005) who works for WBRE in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. as a mid-day weather anchor for the NBC affiliate.

Trust us, you aren’t going to watch too many Miss USA contestants (2006) talking about barometric pressure. We’ve yet to secure video of Ms. Capel in action, but our minds race with thoughts of her predicting a foot of snow in the mountains.

(Pics after the jump.)

One good look at her MySpace page gave us the impression she’ll be filling in for Al Roker on the NBC Today show by February 2009. There’s no doubt she can handle the pressure of national television since she’s already appeared on an episode of Deal Or No Deal.

Her interests include scrapbooking, the NFL and shopping.

So there you have it. Mission Accomplished. Kristi Capel is America’s Hottest Weather Anchor. Congrats.

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    1. John Fairplay says:

      You guys need to check out a girl named Stephanie who works for KPTV (www.kptv.com) in Portland, Oregon. Much hotter than this weather chick.

    2. Kristi Capel Rules says:

      Dude, no way Stephanie is better. Kristi has it going on. If loving her is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

    3. tommy k says:

      kristi is all about style and grace and though she is very pretty and her smile is as bright as a sunny day,she should be known for her accomplishments, as I had the pleasure of meeting her and wish her and her family all the best life has to offer.

    4. Hot cup O Kristi says:

      Nothing gets me up in the morning like a cup of coffee and the weather from Kristi!

    5. Wakeup NEPA says:

      Kristi Capel is a buffoon. She is trying way to hard to be a “personality” and not a weathergirl (yes, “weathergirl”, she doesn’t convey “meteorologist” or even “weather person”).
      And while “hotness” is necessary for the job, it IS the criteria for this afrticle, so as an update to this article, take a recent look if you can – this past year has not been kind to Kristi she is not that hot – she’s certainly curvy but a tad dumpy – no Miss Anywhere USA.

    6. Sophia says:

      Kristi makes me sick. She is so fake that I am unable to watch her. Hot? I think not!!!! She is looking a little rough lately, ridden hard and put away wet. In addition, I can not stand the way she speaks. She sounds so uneducated. Please lose the accent. It makes watching her more intolerable than it already was. I think my breaking point was the morning that she attemped to steal the spotlight from some school children who were putting on a high school musical. Is she really that desperate for attention? How pathetic. And her “Coffee with Kristi” segment on Friday mornings? Her behavior is so ridiculous that I have to change the channel. Kristi, please get a life.

      1. bryan says:

        No in 2012 she looks even more hit up. More bumpy looking and has thrown on a few pounds. To add to this i swear she has the most annoying voice and laugh pa can have her back we all who live in Cleveland have enough negativity from living here. I don’t want her associatedwith Cleveland to add to it.

    7. Dick Fitzwel says:

      Wow Sophia sounds like your a little jealous. Shes hot your probably not and that’s ok not everyone can be pretty.

    8. TPH says:

      When Stars fall to earth I guess they can land in WB.Thanks Kristi

    9. Art Bowen says:

      There is not a day goes by that I miss Kristi Capels very informative weather report. Light fun and eye catching. She makes it a pleasure to watch the weather for the week. Most times I can’t remember the weather.

    10. Ron says:

      Gorgeous gal. Liked her longer hair much more than the women’s “professional” corporate haircut she has now.

    11. Larry says:

      Kristi..you do a great weather forcast…..I don’t use sweetner in my morning coffee anymore…..just the sweetest weather on TV…….look for ya in the AM…

    12. joanne says:

      Kristi is no longer working At WBRE in Wilkes Barre Pa she has moved on to a new station in Cleveland Ohio. She is not doing the weather in Ohio she is co hosting a entertainment show.

    13. John says:

      Kristi was the greatest, i watched her every morning and enjoyed it very much, cant stand that clown on the other channel.

    14. Erik says:

      She gives me a chubby, I would love to share some facial cream with her!!!

    15. Aaron Root says:

      She is what cleveland has needed for years. Kristi has a good sense of humor and she is beautiful

      1. bryan says:

        Really?! I guess we are all entitled to our own opinions and mine is rustic needs to take her ugly annoying self back to whatever inbred nightmare she came from. Also please no need for a goodbye as i would rather sticka red hot poker in my ears then hear that annoying voice another time! Or at least do the show topless so you can draw attention from your ugly face and messed up smile!

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