Daily Dump: Drunkest Athletes, Romo Talks To Cosmo, Brenda Lynn Stacked, Scarlett Johansson Off Market?

421 Broome St., Soho, Final Resting Place Of Heath Ledger421 Broome St., Soho, Final Resting Place Of Heath Ledger
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Um, I think I’ll be stripes 

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Today’s Dump:

Dana Jacobson issues ‘apology’ for insensitive comments while liquored up [Awful Announcing]

Speaking of drunks, Top 20 Drunkest Athletes [Coed Magazine]

Romo talks with Cosmo, no word on favorite position with Jessica Simpson [Sports By Brooks]

Vols’ arrests hurting recruiting [Jackson Sun]

Pack Bikini Girls hottest thing since Tom Brady wore a boot [Fanhouse]

Former Pittsburgh ESPN Radio anchor sentenced for child porn [Post Gazette]

What coming recession means to professional sports [Epic Carnival]

How bad is Eli now, Mr. Smartypants Tiki Barber? [Larry Brown Sports]

High school football players do $200,000 damage to teachers house [Some TV Station]

In alcohol news, the UK chicks who drink too much [BBC News]

In entertainment news, Demi Moore shows how Photoshop can take off 15 years [China Daily]

Today’s Tail: 

Asian chick accents pool table very well [Bright Black Internet]

Music video hotties [Hottie Hunter]

Brenda Lynn must expend a shitload of energy carrying around these suckers [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Zoom lens does its job again, catches sex on a public bridge [Tasty Booze]

Scarlett Johansson takes this off the market? [on205th.com]

Amy Winehouse smokes crack, Heath Ledger is dead, where is the justice [Drunken Stepfather]

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