Get Your 2008 Super Bowl Tickets From This Reputable Broker


It’s the biggest time of the year for ticket brokers so we thought it was time to check out at least one broker who had an interesting 2008 Super Bowl preview.

The broker above (omitting name in case of possible advertising deal) has wonders if the Philadelphia Phillies can recover from such a devastating loss of Terrell Owens. They also wonder if the addition of Corey Dillon will allow the Patriots to get back to the big game.

Very funny, guys.

Super Bowl ticket demand will raise scalper prices to all-time highs.

Superbowl tickets will likely cost between $5,000 to $15,000 if there’s a Packers vs. Patriots match-up.

Latest Super Bowl ticket prices [StubHub]

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    1. King Steve says:

      The Minnesota media is retarded.

      Being from Minnesota I know this first hand. And WCCO is one of the worst. (TV wise.)

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