Celeb-Gasm: The Evolution of Keely Shaye Smith



Huge news for Busted Coverage. We got our first mention on Gay Wired and followed that up with a similar mention on a lesbian blog.

It seems the gay and lesbian community is pissed about all this Keely Shaye Smith gossip being fired off by us goons at BC. I once read a “Blogging for Dummies” book and it said to bust the balls of the gay community to become an Internet legend.

Mission accomplished.

From Gay Wired: posted the photos with the label “Double Oh No!” and sarcastically remarked “Pierce Brosnan and his gorgeous wife, Keely Shaye Smith, had a whale of a time on the island of Kauai on Wednesday.” asked nastily if Smith had engaged in “too many late night double-stuffed pizzas.”

Holy Shit! BC was just mentioned in the same paragraph as TMZ. It might be time to quit the day job. We actually thought that quote was funny. Don’t tell us you weren’t thinking the same thing. We’d repeat the same thing to an unfamous chick wearing the same two piece on a Lake Michigan beach.

Celebs that can’t handle such gossip picked the wrong profession.

Keely Shaye Smith Needs To Lay Off Mangino Diet [Busted Coverage]

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    1. DARXYDE 666 says:

      she holds onto to her man by the sheer force of…GRAVITY. Bitch could start her own solar system

    2. BriGuy says:

      Fuck you cunts. So he likes hiswomen thick…who cares. I love my curvy thick bottom cuties. Suck on that faggots.

    3. dave says:

      That’s nothing, check out this transformation
      Maybe Pierce is part of this club?

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