4 New England Patriots' Cheerleaders Now Owned By Chinese


Patriot cheerleaders shake it as T.O. appears on Chinese big screen

I’ve about f@cking had it with the Chinese. First it was producing our Hollister clothing in some dirty, rat infested factory and now this. For some reason 4 New England Patriots‘ cheerleaders were sent to China to promote ‘football’ during the biggest time of the year in the NFL.

We smell a billionaire businessman with a penchant for Bostonian tail. BC demands an explanation on why China is interferring with our remaining source of American pride.

The Boston Globe wants to know as well:

Speaking of China, four Patriots cheerleaders and the squad director went to China for the purpose of teaching wannabe cheerleaders and promoting professional football in the world’s most populous country. It was the second trip in seven months for the dancers. And the question is . . . why?

See, even Shaughnessy is onto the Chinese.

Read my lips…they are stealing DNA samples from the New England Patriots’ cheerleaders in an attempt to clone our top-shelf American tail. Chinese women are nothing compared to our meat and potato fed ladies. These bastards won’t stop until they own every last one of them.

[Flickr Dump: Patriots’ Cheerleaders in China]


These Chinese men are confused by the sight of bare female skin




    1. Your Mom says:

      define “nothing compared to”. last time I checked… every last “meat and potatoes fed” honey from the homeland is about 100 lbs overweight and ages faster than a piece of cheddar left at room temp. no need for us to “steal your DNA” buddy… nice try. now go back to your overweight wifey who won’t give it up.

    2. J Koot says:

      Quit trying to steal our cheerleaders!

      Stealing Hollister was the last straw!

    3. dru says:

      Um, “top-shelf American tail”? Yeah. I’m as big a Pats fan as anyone, and I’d have to say our cheerleaders, while certainly foxy and atheletic, are not exactly primo in terms of professional cheerleaders. In fact I’d go so far as to say they rank pretty low on the old NFL totem pole of dancing tarts. When the Chinese start abducting Cowboys or Eagles cheerleaders I’ll start getting worried, but it looks like right now we’re pawning off substandard product on ignorant yokels.

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    5. JRuq says:

      Maybe BC has Chinese men confused with conservative Islamic men? “These Chinese men are confused by the sight of bare female skin”
      I have to agree with Your Mom on this one… although the whole 1 child in China thing did lead to a shortage in Chinese women.

    6. Jason says:

      Tell you what, “Your Mom,” you steal our cheerleader DNA, we’ll keep infringing on our citizens’ personal freedoms.

      That way we can meet in the middle eventually.

    7. David Taw says:

      Sure looks like one shady place to be promoting American football and the art of cheerleading. I was thinking maybe like a school/college or an auditorium.. something but some bar that looks like it’s got a bunch of horny looking guys.

      Interesting post, haha… let me know about any future posts and I’ll link to em from my cheerleaders blog.

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    9. George says:

      I’m not exactly “Mr. Sensitivity” in terms of political issues, but I must assume that the NFL might be stretching this a bit. These decisions most likely do not reside with the local team; the options to respond likely comes from the NFL — and this at a time when everyone and their brother are criticizing the Chinese – and rightfully so – for their screwing around in Darfur with weapons sales, etc., given their oil interests. And China would not appear to be a primary market for the NFL. Pretty pathetic, if you ask me.

    10. pico says:

      Dude…absolutely ridiculous…

      Here’s a photoshoot the gals did with Maxim during Super Bowl Week along with a video of them being hot.


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