Today's Spankings: Traci Bingham, Triinu Kivilaan and Nicole Eggert

AVN Awards Announced, Empty Seats Congratulate WinnersAVN Awards Announced, Empty Seats Congratulate Winners
Now That's One Kick Ass High School PartyNow That's One Kick Ass High School Party

Nicole Eggert in a soft-core paprika scene.

It’s Baywatch day for Spankings. Remember the show where David Hasselhoff brilliantly saved lives with his huge muscles and immense smarts. The beaches are a little safer because of The Hoff.

It’s a sad day when the female stars of that show hit 40. I’m not saying its a bad thing. It’s just another sign of my dwindling youth. Now we get Tila Tequila trying to figure out which dike she’d like to take to the semi-finals of that stupid show.

Give me a modern day version of Baywatch and I’d be happy. I’m a sucker for huge boobs, one pieces and great story lines.

Today’s Birthdays:

1968Traci Bingham, American actress

1972Nicole Eggert, American actress

1989Triinu Kivilaan, Estonian singer


The 19-year old Estonian model turned rock chick

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