Danica Patrick Hangs At GoDaddy.com CES Booth


GoDaddy chick puts a hand on IRL leading lady Danica Patrick

Not much to report here other than a public event for Indy Racing chick Danica Patrick.

We were more amazed by the GoDaddy chicks rack and not with Patrick. Don’t get us wrong, Patrick is a hot little firecracker but we like those M-80s on wife-beater hottie.

This marketing plan by GoDaddy is brilliant. Hot chicks, computer geek convention, domains. Consider us hooked.


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    1. Andy says:

      I believe that the girl in the wife beater is Candice Michelle, WWE Diva and Godaddy.com spokesperson.


    2. J Koot says:

      That’s awesome. Good catch.

      Now, how do we get GoDaddy to start having their spokesgirls do mud wrestling tournaments?

    3. Andy says:

      Well, as a WWE fan I can tell you that young Candice has engaged in more than one lingerie pillow fight and faux lesbianism. It’s great!

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