LSU Fans At BCS Share Feelings On New Orleans Housing Crisis

(Attn: Racist comments from LSU fans)

If you follow the news you already know there is a housing situation in New Orleans where old housing projects are being torn down.

The situation has turned into an all-out fiasco in NOLA. White against black. Rich against poor.
In this video, an enterprising street video blogger approaches LSU fans boozing before the BCS Championship to get their feelings on the crisis. Smart move lady.

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    1. JJ says:

      They didn’t have to use the N word, but there was nothing much disagreeable here.

      The black mayor wants the things torn down.

      Blacks have run the city for 30 years, it’s all on them what happens to the projects.

      Those projects were built where some nice condos used to stand many years ago.. nice condos… now, it’s a killing field and a way to duck in and out of the French Quarter bothering NOLA’s tourist industry.

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