Today's Spankings : Kate Middleton, Joey Lauren Adams and Maggie Rizer

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Chuck Liddell Tailgates At San Diego Chargers Playoff GameChuck Liddell Tailgates At San Diego Chargers Playoff Game



English muffin Kate Middleton celebrates today 

Slow day for the Spankings. There are more big name athletes celebrating today than hot chicks. Chad Johnson and Mugsy Bogues top the list of athletes who are going to be having bottles of Cristal.

We’ll have to keep an eye out for Ocho Cinco birthday coverage videos.

Sergio Garcia is also celebrating today. He’ll most likely have to waggle for 30 seconds before blowing out the candles. On the music side, Jimmy Page checks in with his 64th.

Today’s Birthdays: 

1968 – Joey Lauren Adams, American actress

1978 – Maggie Rizer, American model and AIDS activist

1982Kate Middleton, girlfriend of Prince William of Wales


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