Daily Dump: The BCS Wrap

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Faux Hawked LSU Toddler Parties It Down In Big EasyFaux Hawked LSU Toddler Parties It Down In Big Easy
The Ohio State Banner Buckeye Fan Dreamt Of Last NightThe Ohio State Banner Buckeye Fan Dreamt Of Last Night

You watched it. You have your opinions. I’m not wasting my time going over it anymore. That’s why I’ll concentrate this post on how f@cking bad Fox bowl coverage is.

heidigross2.jpgIt’s bad. Horrible. Thom Brennamen isn’t a 1st tier broadcaster. There is absolutely no buzz surrounding the coverage. No hot sideline reporter.

Boring. Name one game this postseason that you’ll remember by March.

We don’t even get a crazy halftime performance. Instead we were treated to ZZ Top at the Orange Bowl.

That’s all I got. It was a long night.

Today’s Dump: 

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Today’s Tail: 

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