Miss Howard TV and Tempe12 Calendar Girl Stephanie Petruso Does Insight Bowl


Look, kid, don’t think you’ll be landing this quality of women when you’re my age

Not much to report here other than the fact that Stephanie Petruso, Tempe 12 Girl and Miss Howard TV October 2007, attended the recent Insight Bowl and gave pasty white, drunken Indiana fans a dream come true.

Hep’s dream for the university did come true. A bowl game and a real life model hanging with IU fans in the same year.


The Arizona State coed signed copies of the Tempe12 calendar and allowed grown men to fawn after her now-infamous figure.

Shameless plug is over.

Shaved or waxed? Petruso answers questions [Laist.com]


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    1. […] Ain’t never seen no such none nice taters as that in Indiana. No clue if that’s how Hoosier talk. Just know that the bowl game was gravy, so the shaved Playmate Miss Howard 2007 is like an extra spoonful of stuffing. […]

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