Daily Dump: West Virginia Not Bad Afterall, Leno Returns, Ice Bowl Reviews, Heidi Cortez, Kumari Fulbright

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We’d like to thank West Virginia for showing up in the Fiesta Bowl and kicking the shit out of Oklahoma. Now Lee Corso can stop bending over Bob Stoops.

heidi-cortez-cabana-8.jpgThe vaunted Sooners defense was shredded and they must be hoping for a different bowl game next year. 0-2 in the Fiesta hurts.

All we kept hearing is how great Oklahoma and Georgia are. One got their brains beat in and the other beat a team that should have been playing in the Weedeater Bowl. 

Jay Leno came back last night and I must say it didn’t seem much different. He still sucked. Letterman came back as well with a full beard. Now that is comedy.  

This writers strike isn’t really cramping my style. I’m missing The Office and not much else.

Sidenote: In even more hockey news, Chad Michael Murray took a date to the Winter Classic in Buffalo. Kenzie Dalton, 19, joined Murray at the game and wore a little t-shirt and looked like she really gave a shit about hockey. 

Murray is best known for his 5-month marriage to Sophia Bush. 

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