Illinois Cheerleaders No Competition For USC Song Girls At Rose Bowl


Before destroying Illinois cheerleaders inside Rose Bowl

The scorecard is in and at least one critic says the on-field competition between USC and Illinois wasn’t yesterday’s only mismatch.

So says SI blogger Stewart Mandel:

Finally, I don’t think it truly hit me that Illinois is in the Rose Bowl until I actually saw Ron Zook and Juice Williams standing on that fabled field. With all due respect, they looked about as out of place as I would at a fashion show.

Which is not to say this couldn’t still turn into a good game, but I’ve already observed at least one major mismatch: when ABC’s cameras showed consecutive shots of the USC Song Girls followed by their Illinois counterparts. Umm … yeah.

In other cheerleader news:

This guy might have a Missouri cheerleader fetish [Flickr Set]




    1. Sarge says:

      Wow, that Flickr set is something else…especially starting at page 5

    2. J Koot says:

      And to think those photos have been hidden from public viewing for 2 years.

      What a shame.

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