Mack Brown's Stepson Just Lost His Sideline Job

If you are watching the Holiday Bowl you’ve already seen the Incident.


From Bevo Beat,

Aaron Lewis’ fumble recovery has just been wiped off by a rare penalty. Officials have ruled it was an unsportsmanlike penalty on a member of the Texas staff for touching the ball.

The member of the support staff is believed to be Mack Brown’s stepson, Chris. Arizona State scored a play later.

Listening to Muffberger you’d think the Incident was the second coming of Bartman. The guy did cost Texas a possible turnover that eventually ended with a touchdown.

Stay tuned as we try to find out more about the Chris guy.



    1. Sean says:

      The report says he was motioning toward a player, but he is obviously giving the intentional grounding sign referencing ASU’s quarterback’s attempt to get rid of the ball as was sacked. Of course it was obviously a lateral so not only does Chris not know that you can’t touch a live ball, but he doesn’t know the difference between a forward and backward pass. This guy should give up football coaching and try something like ballet – even my 7-year old daughter can keep the dance steps straight – Chris might have a fighting chance.

    2. Lisa says:

      all i gotta say that he is the dumbest guy ever!! he could of lost our chances of winning!! good thing we did though!

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