Central Florida Chick Looks Lonely, Blogger Offers Companionship


Not sure how we missed these photos but better late than never. These Flickr finds come from the Conference USA title game. It’s not like we cruise for C-USA photos.

Big Gay Rich probably came across this chick but he’s gay so this hottie didn’t even make his radar.

I swear it’s time to winter in Florida. Hot chicks, blogging at the 19th hole, beaches, sun. Life would be so much better waking to such sights on a daily basis.

This chick is so hot she can’t even find a guy in her league. That’s why we are here to offer our services. BC is definitely not clingy, not needy, not wealthy and usually sitting on our asses.

We love it when women go off to shop (by themselves or with friends), don’t mind them talking on the phone (in the other room), and appreciate a fine set of flotation devices.



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    2. J says:

      UCF alum here, and I can tell you that she is just the tip of the Iceberg, my friend.

    3. Mac G says:

      Wowserz! Dont Hate in 08, only masturbate

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    5. Scott says:

      Yet another UCF alum here…proud to be a Knight….and sad to be off-campus..

    6. ucfguy says:

      as a ucf student, i’d have to say (although she is a hottie), we have better

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