Buffalo Bills Fan Throws Sausage Party…In A Box

Buffalo Bills fan may be the whitest trash in the NFL but at least they have fun in the process.

Take today’s video: Link in a Box.

It features sub-par karaoke singing, decent writing and editing. Where Bills fan excels is creativity. It’s not like there is much else going on in Buffalo.

“Hey, let’s make a spin off of Dick in a Box!”

Great idea boys. Great execution. You just made Busted Coverage’s Hall of Fame.

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  1. […] Buffalo Bills fans redo “Dick in a Box” at Ralph Wilson Stadium with sausage links. Wow. Just wow. [Busted Coverage] […]

  2. […] Buffalo Bills Fan Throws Sausage Party…In a Box from Bustedcoverage├é┬á […]

  3. twoeightnine says:

    Ha! That was me in the background with the big yellow poncho at one point.

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