Today’s Spankings: Helena Christensen, Reika Hashimoto, Jessica and Lisa Origliasso,

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The most beautiful super model ever born on Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. No Daily Dump today. The blogger world takes off a day or two per year.

Congrats on the holiday and if you’re celebrating a birthday, we’re sorry.

There couldn’t be a worse day to be born than on Christmas. Family and friends won’t buy double gifts for you. It could be hurtful to a weak individual. That is why Rickey Martin and Ryan Seacrest were most likely induced early, hence being born on Christmas Eve.

Never missing a beat with Today’s Spankings, BC found some lovely ladies who will be getting paddled by Santa.

Today’s Birthdays: 

1968Helena Christensen, Danish model

1971Dido, English singer

1980 – Reika Hashimoto, Japanese actress

1984Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, Australian pop singers




The Origliasso twins with some comb over dweeb


Dido, minutes after her 15 minutes of fame expired 

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