Overnight Entertainment: Loyola Marymount Mud Wrestling

It’s no wonder the terrorists hate us so much. They haven’t been able to get their women to unleash their burkhas and take part in girl-on-girl mud wrestling.

God bless our troops for continuing to fight so we don’t lose the right to throw massive keggers and cheer on your favorite mudder.

Hang with the video until the end to see some great submission action. The Oakland Raiders defense could learn a thing or two from this educational flick.

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    1. Tom says:

      It’s funny how no one gives a fuck about this site outside of the tournament. By the way, I’d probably drop the pop-up ads until people actually care enough to wait through them.

    2. tom says:

      drop the pop-ups man. this site sucks because of them, no one wants to get inundated with those, i’m not even going to try to look outside of the direct links to the bracket until I know I can browse freely

    3. […] Loyola Marymount Mud Wrestling from Busted Coverage […]

    4. austy1995 says:


      If no one gives a fuck why are you here? There are 1000’s of BLOGs on the internet go find one you give a fuck about. Busted coverage is right we don’t need them to break down games for us, we all have 500 channels and satellite radio to do all that.
      The premise is strictly a bunch of obscure stories the WWL won’t talk about. I’ll be honest I found them because of the tournament but now have them bookmarked. If you don’t like what you see move on, in case you don’t know the internet is BIG.
      By the way turn on your pop up blocker.


    5. Gonzo says:

      – Her father was a mudder.

      * Her father was a mudder?

      – Yes, and her muther was a mudder.

      * Her muther was a mudder ?

      – What did I just say ?

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