Las Vegas Bowl: Getting To Know It

New Mexico Bowl: Getting To Know ItNew Mexico Bowl: Getting To Know It
Yesterday's Spankings: Chrissy Moran and Jennifer HawkinsYesterday's Spankings: Chrissy Moran and Jennifer Hawkins


We changed our minds. This is the most disturbing photo shoot….ever. 

Keep your eye on: UCLA DB #31 Garrett Rubio

As can be seen in Example A and B we are dealing with yet another college football player who could set the Greenwich Village Meat Market on fire. Big Gay Rich is on a role with these MySpace photos. Here we have redshirt freshman Garrett Rubio reliving the 80s even though he was born in 1988. Rich was totally digging the bedroom photos.

The Buzz: The Deseret Morning News reports playing a game in Sin City doesn’t seem to present too many problems for the Mormons. “It’s an interesting thing, especially considering that last year’s game had the highest attendance of any (team) sporting event in the history of the state and it’s an LDS school,” Mendenhall replied. “It’s a fan base that doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t gamble – at least isn’t supposed to. I’m not sure how excited Las Vegas is to have us, knowing we’re probably not generating a lot of income for them, other than on game day, we’re having a sell-out. Which is what the bowl game is for, from my understanding.”

UCLA Chicks on the Net: Let’s make this simple. Google search. UCLA cheerleaders. Hours of entertainment.

BYU Chicks on the Net: Nail one of these chicks and you’ll spend the rest of your life spreading the gospel.

TV Crew: Las Vegas Bowl (BYU v. UCLA, ESPN 8pm) - Brad Nessler, Bob Griese, Paul Maguire


UCLA DB Garrett Rubio prepares for a night on the town. 

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