Daily Dump: 2nd Round Begins, Poinsettia Bowl, Big Ten Background Checks, Air Force Bowl Fever, Sex and the Circus, Bikini Calendar

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Let’s start the Dump by saying thanks to all of you who have not only participated in the blogger tourney but also hyped it into an overnight sensation. It’s been a nice surprise.

2124160261_e4ca5c7431.jpgThe 2nd round has started and will run through Friday night. Check your region to see matchups.  

  • Rd. 2: South Region
  • Rd. 2: East Region
  • Rd. 2: Midwest Region
  • Rd. 2: West Region

You’ll notice a couple of upsets. The 700 Level got through as a #14 seed. #10 Epic Carnival also moves on.

Like I said, the new polls are up. Take a look.

Football is back tonight in San Diego with the Poinsettia Bowl. Check out our bowl primer to be prepared to drop knowledge on your know-it-all buddy Phil.

It looks like the guy who spermenated Jamie Lynn Spears could have faced a misdemeanor in Louisiana for such an act. As if getting a 16-year-old pregnant isn’t tough enough on the guy, now CNN is reporting stories on the legal issues surrounding underage sex. 

I smell the religious right chiming in on this one.

Jaime, the Southern Baptists would like to have a word with you. By now she knows she f-ed up. Live and learn.

More Barbara from Flickr. 

Today’s Dump:

Buffet Killer named coach of the year, award cake gone in two bites [Seattle Times]

Big Ten to start doing background checks on officials [PJ Star]

UK brings in new coach to win, loses piling up [Epic Carnival]

Bowl game confidence game! You too can play along [College GameBalls]

100-fan brawl at high school basketball game…A Sign of the Times [Southtown Star]

Don’t Tase Me Bro gains elite status, makes Yale quote list [Some Web Site]

Air Force fans going crazy over Falcons trip to Ft. Worth [Denver Post]

Perfect gift for dad, tickets to Sex Circus [Some TV Station]

Perfect gift #2, bikini calendar to support the troops [Military Troops Calendar]

Today’s Tail:

Kristin Ferry cleavage hosting downhill skiing competition [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Special link for BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich [Tasty Booze]

(NSFW) Top 200 English chicks you have no chance with [UK Celeb]

Lisa Marie lacks last name, makes up for it with slamming body [Slam Dizzle]