Today’s Spankings : Tiffany Towers, Alyssa Milano, Kristy Swanson, Marla Sokoloff


Marla Sokoloff enters her prime which will continue until she’s 30.

At least one lady celebrating her birthday today will let you pay her to take a spanking – Tiffany Towers. I wonder what Towers is up to these days. She’s 15 years past her prime so you can probably find her on your P2P.

Not a ton of talent today but you can’t expect everyday to be like December 18.

Today’s Birthdays:

1969Kristy Swanson, American actress

1971Tiffany Towers, Canadian adult film actress

1971 – Amy Locane, American actress

1972Alyssa Milano, American actress

1979Paola Rey, Colombian actress

1980 – Marla Sokoloff, American actress

1985 – Lady Sovereign, English musician



Tiffany Towers with a huge pair of Manginos.


Alyssa Milano aging like a fine wine.


Amy Locane is famous for her part in cult classic Bongwater.


Original Buffy closing in on 4-0.

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    1. Andy says:

      I don’t know who that picture is of but it is not Marla Sokoloff.

    2. AJ says:

      Ummmm. Sorry pals, that top pic is NOT Marla Sokolof…Its Shania Twain, from her Maxim spread a few years back

    3. Joey Mataratz says:

      Um, isn’t that picture of Shania Twain and not Marla Sokoloff? BTW, Shania, in her forties, is much hotter than Marla can ever dream of being. And the Amy Locan picture is actually Ali Larter.

    4. Dan says:

      Too bad the picture of Marla Sokolov is actually Shania Twain, and the one of Amy Locane is actually Ali Larter… Good job admin.

    5. admin says:

      Good God, you guys, I tried. Dream the dream, fellas.

      Can’t be perfect all the time. That’s the last time I trust Google Image Search.

      At least I got Tiffany Towers correct. Those are can’t miss mounds. I know my Tiffany Towers.

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    8. Sprmcandy says:

      Kristy = HOT !

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