Overnight Entertainment: European Volleyball Ladies


The male crowd is stunned by the sight of firm, pale Euro legs.

We’ve decided to restart an old favorite from the Big T$% Tailgate days. Overnight Entertainment. The feature is best known as the post where you’ll find something to keep you going through the night – if you understand laymen’s terms.

Tonight we present: European Volleyball Ladies.

Which player (by number) are you shacking with on business trip to Slovakia?

Busted Coverage has come to a unanimous decision and it’s going to be #5 for us. She incorporates the strong volleyball player legs with a nice Euro ‘do. We’ll let MacG have #7 since he’s into the totally tricked out Euro chicks with hairy pits and upper lips.

Check back in the morning for the Daily Dump and Today’s Spankings.



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    1. Sexual T says:

      That picture is awesome. All woman should play sports in that kind of gear.

      Your site is awesome. Glad to be part of the “link” group we got going on.

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