Future Ohio State Soccer Player, "Hollywood", Ashlee Simpson Look-Alike



Ohio State is a long way from Hollywood, but a small slice of glitz and glamor will be heading to Columbus.

max2.JPGLet us introduce you to Medina (O.) high school star soccer player, and OSU signee, Paige Maxwell.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has announced her as its female soccer Player of the Year. And she’s primed to become an Internet sensation.

As if being an Ashlee Simpson look-alike wasn’t enough, Maxwell has a reputation that earned her the nickname “Hollywood.”

From the Plain Dealer: 

My MVP (Most Valued Possession): Her car, a 2004 d ark gray Land Rover Discovery (see above) with the license plate TURBO10. “My car gets me to and from places like soccer practice and games. Turbo is my nickname, and 10 is my number.” Off the soccer field, her nickname is Hollywood because she loves to dress up.

(HT: Cleveland Tipster)

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    1. Love the site guys, keep it up. That girl is amazing looking. She will be a sensation by next year…

      Check out our site sometime

    2. […] >  I just became a big fan of soccer….and of the Big Ten…..and….umm…..I’d like to check out Ashlee Simpson’s lip syncing skills, if you know what I mean…..but that’s kind of irrelevant….[BUSTEDCOVERAGE] […]

    3. […] not much sexier than an Ashlee Simpson lookalike standing next to a Land Rover covered in mud. Okay there are lots of things. We have issues with SUVs, but whatever. She plays soccer. Leave us […]

    4. Carlin says:

      I go to this girls school, no one likes her, have fun with her your perverted lonely men, she’s 18 and she got a whopping 11 on her ACT, have fun gentlemen, ohh she is hollywood at its finest.

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