Today’s Spankings: Victoria Pratt, Katie Holmes, Tara Conner, Rachel Griffiths, Hana Soukupová



Hana Soukupová is in line for spankings. 


Tara Conner has been a bad girl this year. 

Holy shit. Today’s Spankings is littered with Japanese chicks. And other hot tail you are familiar with. If you are celebrating a birthday today give yourself a pat on the back and thank your great parents.

You’re in great company. Check out some of these names. Throw in Steven Spielberg and this is one of the most powerful days of the year.

It’s a tough decision who gets their photo above the fold.

1968Rachel Griffiths, Australian actress

1970 – Victoria Pratt, Canadian actress and fitness model

1976Koyuki, Japanese actress and model

1978Katie Holmes, American actress

1980Christina Aguilera, American singer

1985Hana Soukupová, Czech supermodel

1985 – Tara Conner, 2006 Miss USA

1987Ayaka, Japanese singer

1987 – Miki Ando, Japanese figure skater





Prepare for L. Ron Hubbard’s frozen rod. 


Yankees interested in Makiko’s arm. 


It’s a strong day when Rachel Griffits is last in this photo montage. 

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