2007 Sports Blog Of The Year Tournament


  • Round 1 East Region #1 Seed: FanHouse
  • Round 1 South Region #1 Seed: Awful Announcing
  • Round 1 Midwest Region #1 Seed: Deadspin
  • Round 1 West Region #1 Seed: The Big Lead

As we get closer to the end of ’07, Busted Coverage held its End Of The Year party and our photo editor Big Gay Rich came to me with a brilliant plan.

Hold an NCAA style blogging tournament to determine bragging rights for 2007.

Always trusting a gay guy for a good idea, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’ve compiled the top 64 sports blogs based on BallHype rankings (as of Dec. 16 @ Noon) and put them into a 64-blog bracket with seeding.

The Top 4 blogs got #1 seeds. Next 4 are #2s. Etc.

Let’s not get into a discussion on what blogs were included and rankings. We could be here all day coming up with different ways to rank blogs. Going with BallHype rankings. That’s it. Vote and vote often.

The Details:

– Each round will consist of 3 days of voting

The Winnings:

$50.07 + Tempe12.com Calendar to 2007 Sports Blog of the Year





    1. Wow, sucks to be a wordpress.com blog, as we can’t use the ballhype ‘hype it up’ buttons in our posts, and therefore have zero chance of being a top 64 ballhype blog.

    2. Andy says:

      A to the men to Rick.

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